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What Does It Take To Be A Gin Connoisseur?

Gin is the in vogue drink at the moment, with many people choosing to opt for the spirit when enjoying an alcoholic beverage. In recent years, there has been a somewhat of a revival in gin distilling with many artisan distilleries popping up all around the UK. It’s exciting to see smaller distilleries producing high-quality gin for the market because it allows people to taste the passion that the makers use to craft their gin and to develop a better understanding of the process that goes behind their favourite spirit. 

With all these unique gins, people are becoming more educated on flavour tones and what they want from their gin. At NB Distillery, we understand this and we consider all our enthusiasts gin connoisseurs. To help you to expand your knowledge of gin making, we would like to invite you to one of our GINSPIRATION tours. Our experts will give you a detailed tour of our gin stills and facilities, while giving you tasters of our award-winning gins along the way. You will get the  chance to purchase a bottle of your favourite gin from the tour at your table.

What Is A Gin Connoisseur?

The definition of a connoisseur is an ‘expert judge in the matter of taste’, which can be applied to gin tasting. Someone who is educated in gin drinking will be able to differentiate the subtle flavours of gin blends and knows what pairs well with the spirit. So a gin connoisseur is your best friend when it comes to knowing what gin cocktails to try. A gin connoisseur should be an encyclopedia when it comes to gin and will have a catalogue of gins in their repertoire to choose from. 

However, the fun thing about this type of spirit is that anyone can be a gin connoisseur and you don’t have to be a part of an exclusive club to be one! We believe that everyone has the right to try all of the unique flavours that gin has to offer. So at NB Distillery, we offer you a variety of gins to try from, which include:

How To Become A Gin Connoisseur

You can become a gin connoisseur by sourcing and purchasing a variety of gins, but we believe that going on a gin tasting tour of a distillery is a better way to sample a multitude of gins in a small amount of time. 

At NB distillery, we offer a unique tour of our distilleries which will give you the chance to taste all the gins that we offer, but it also allows you to feel immersed in our picturesque seaside town of North Berwick. We believe that to be a gin connoisseur, is not just about tasting gin but is about immersing yourself in the area that the gin is distilled from and absorbing all the history that has gone into the distillation process. Often gin distilleries play a significant role in local history.