Our Story

"We believe in creating perfection. We are committed to quality no matter whether it is the product or the quality of the team that we engage. 

When we put out NB name on a bottle, we promise that inside will be every bit as ‘perfect’ as our original. Whatever the product."

NB Distillery Viv and Steve Muir co-owners

Steve and Viv Muir, Owners of NB Distillery.


Pressure cooker
We started off experimenting in our home kitchen with a pressure cooker and some old central heating pipes - hardly glamorous, but our makeshift ‘still’ was a great way to test hundreds of different botanicals with water to see which worked together the best.

Having perfected our recipe, we invested in a custom-built still made to our exact specifications by the world’s oldest and most revered still-makers. A still that would be able to precisely replicate our tried and tested recipe. We then moved out of our kitchen and into a small unit in North Berwick to continue distilling our products.

Our golden rum is an incredible addition to the NB Distillery family of spirits.   

The whole process from the fermentation of the raw molasses, to the distillation in our bespoke Jamaican style copper double retort still,through to blending and bottling is carried out by us, in our custom built distillery in North Berwick.  The double copper retorts of the still give the rum its full body and intense fruit notes.

As business has expanded with admirers from near and far, we now operate production and luxury experience tours from our purpose build, eco-friendly distillery which is based on the outskirts of our town.

Our visitors are welcomed to an environment of learning, sampling and relaxation. We encourage you to relax and enjoy your time with us. You will get the chance to sample all of our world class spirits and we will also provide you with a drink of your choice. 

Fire, dining room and copper still