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NB London Dry Gin

NB London Dry Gin

NB Gin is a pure, clear,  grain spirit of 42 percent ABV. It is the result of an exacting process that has been perfected, to become recognised as the best London Dry Gin in the world.

"Clean and fresh with a wonderfully smooth texture.”

"Surprisingly versatile. Great for sipping, classics and cocktails."

It was Voted the World's Best Dry London Dry Gin in 2015. It was the only drinks brand selected in celebration of the Queen's 90th Birthday and was also selected to feature in Prince Harry and Meghan’s Wedding Album. In addition to this it was voted one of the top 100 brands in the world by Rolls Royce, was selected for The Brits afterparty for three consecutive years and was also selected for The Open afterparty due to it's editorial fit.

70CL. Proven at 42% ABV.


NB Navy Strength Gin

NB Navy Strength Gin

A gin with strength of character and intensity of flavour. The result of the same exacting process that's been perfected and bottled to create our original gin.

"Mouth-filling, clean and fresh with a wonderful texture." 

"A long and flavoursome finish with the botanicals in harmony for a final encore."

Gold medalist at The Global Gin Masters in 2017.

Gold medalist in The Scottish Gin Awards 2017.

70CL. Explosive at 57% ABV.

NB Samphire Gin

NB Samphire Gin

This is a truly elegant and complex London Dry gin, which has been distilled using hand-picked marsh samphire from the coastal areas of East Lothian. The subtle tones of green tea are complimented with the warmth of ginger and vibrant citrus flavours.

If you would like to try this uniquely blended spirit, please order now to avoid disappointment! This product is available in limited numbers, delivered directly from our distillery. 

70CL. Proven at 42% ABV.

NB Full Bodied Rum

After 2 years, we are delighted to re-launch our NB Full Bodied Rum (in May 2023). Expertly crafted at NB Distillery in partnership with Jamie MacDonald, Rum Distiller (@rumroyalty), Iain Bell and Steve Ross, MD and Master Distiller at NB Distillery.  A new flavoursome, distinctive and wonderfully smooth Scottish rum.

Expertly crafted to a very high quality, using the finest of ingredients - the base of which is Indian cane molasses.  A clear white rum, with no additives, colouring or added sweetness. Filtered to be free of any impurities. 

Distilled in small batches in our unique Caribbean style Double Retort Pot Still – custom made for us by John Dore & Co, the oldest and most revered rum still makers in the world.  Our rum still is a smaller replica of the rum still used to make Mount Gay Rum in Barbados. John Dore & Co also custom built our gin still "Gloria". 

70CL. Proven at 41% ABV.

NB Spiced Rum

NB Spiced Rum

We re-launched our new NB Spiced Rum in June 2023. 

Similar to our previous NB Spiced Rum but we've taken it to the next level! It is a clear, white Spiced Rum. All natural with no additives, colouring or caramel. The base is from our Full Bodied Rum made with Indian cane molasses and blended with natural spices of bitter orange peel, cinnamon, pepper and mild cloves. The result is a seriously delightful and sophisticated spiced rum with a beautiful balance of spices.   

70CL. Proven at 41% ABV.

School Night low alcohol spirit

NB School Night 

At NB distillery we wanted to turn it up a notch on the low/non alcoholic market and so we have created our limited edition ‘School Night’, a low alcohol based spirit at 21% abv tasting every bit as delicious as our award winning worlds best London Dry Gin, but 50% less alcohol.

Housed in a Frugal Bottle, the packaging is made from 94% recycled paperboard, the perfect addition to our sustainable distillery. 

We all have some creases and our perfectly imperfect bottle is no different. Due to the completely sustainable nature of the bottle, some creases may remain but we trust that you'll still love School Night in all its unique glory, with its sustainable heart, smooth texture and fresh flavour. Plus, you'll definitely get an A* from Mother Nature!

So don’t say ‘no’ on a school night, go low!

70CL. Proven at 21% ABV.