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3 Reasons Why You Should Go Gin Tasting In Scotland

We all love spending a summer’s afternoon in the sun, drinking our favourite spirit. If gin is your drink of choice, have you considered a gin tasting tour of where your favourite spirit is distilled. In Scotland, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to gin distilleries. If, like us, you consider yourself a gin connoisseur, you might want to take a tour that immerses you into the whole journey of gin making. 

We recommend you book our expert tour of NB Distillery to taste the passion that goes into every bottle that is distilled in our stills. We won’t just give you a tour, but we will let you taste our signature gin’s giving you the opportunity to try something new or get a free sample of an old favourite. If you love what you are tasting, we will give you the opportunity to buy any of the spirits you taste throughout the tour.

The spirits you can buy include NB london dry gin and NB navy strength gin – both a pure, clear, uncompromised grain spirit at 42% ABV and 57% ABV respectively; the result of an exacting process that’s been perfected and bottled to become recognised as the best London dry gin the world in 2015. Or our limited edition NB samphire gin – an elegant and complex gin with subtle hints of green tea, a warmth of ginger and vibrant citrus.    

Reason 1: The History Of Gin Making In Scotland

Scotland has a rich history in distilling gin and our distilling houses can be traced back to the 18th Century, which makes us experts at what we do. At NB Distillery, we try to infuse the history of Scotland’s gin-making heritage into every bottle we sell and you can learn more about the history of gin on our tasting tour. We will guide you through every part of the distillation process, giving you facts about how it all started and what distilling gin in Scotland means to us. There are many long-established brands of gin in Scotland and we are relatively new to the scene, so you will get a unique insight into a distillery that is family run and innovating the gin making industry.

Reason 2: The Landscape Of Scotland

The landscape in Scotland is pretty spectacular on all fronts. From the beautiful lochs to the dramatic mountains, it’s a stunning place to take a gin tasting tour. We also have some unique cities that are rich in history and culture too. If you like rugged coastlines, we suggest that you come and visit our distillery in North Berwick. From rolling waves of the north sea in the winter to turquoise waters in the summer, NB Distillery is just a stone's throw away from some of the most pristine coastlines in the U.K. This adds to the tour as we encourage you to explore the area and experience our seaside town.

Reason 3: The Passionate People Who Make Scottish Gin

It’s the people at NB Distillery that make our gin and gin tasting tours so special. We’ve assembled a team of like-minded distilling enthusiasts to help us create the finest gins that Scotland has to offer. Their energy and commitment to crafting the finest gins can be seen in our tours and they are like encyclopaedias when it comes to gin distilling in Scotland. Our experts will give you a unique journey through NB Distillery’s history and they will give you a one of the kind experience. This is an opportunity to understand the process of making your favourite gin.