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Navy Strength Gin: All You Need To Know

Gin is a popular alcoholic drink amongst us Brits and we take drinking our gin very seriously. Serious enough that we are experts at producing the finest gin in the world. Gin has been a staple throughout British history and the Victorians were notorious for drinking excess amounts of it. Gin was often drunk instead of water as it was cleaner. Recently, there has been a revival in the spirit with many different artisan producers creating handcrafted, locally produced Gin. With all these different options which one should you pick next? We suggest you try Navy Strength Gin.


What is Navy Strength Gin?

Navy Strength Gin is a high proof Gin that would put hairs on the chest of even the hardiest of seamen. The spirit is known for its purity and with its mixture of locally sourced grains, it makes for the perfect mixer or for the Gin purist a perfect evening tipple. ‘Navy Strength Gin’ was invented in the 18th Century and it played a significant role in Naval history. Favoured by the British Navy, it gave the crew a safe drinking option and was used to wash down the foul-tasting (believe it or not) quinine that sailors had to take to prevent scurvy! The merchants would sail into port and the Naval officers would test the strength of the Navy gin by pouring it into gunpowder and if it ignited the gunpowder, it was the correct strength and the merchants were paid. If it didn’t ignite the gunpowder the merchants were sent packing with no money! It also prevented damage to gunpowder, as the high proof did not react with the black gunpowder stored on ships unless you poured it onto the gunpowder and lit a match! 

Why is it called Navy Strength Gin?

The phrase ‘Navy Strength’ is used for Gins that are above 57% ABV which gives the Gin a staunch taste and unlike London Dry Gin, the flavour is creamier with a fuller flavour. Navy Strength Gin is having somewhat of a renaissance in recent years and people are choosing it because the flavour is smooth enough to perfectly blend with cocktails and has been satisfying the British for hundreds of years.

What is the best Navy Strength Gin in the UK?

Scotland is well known for its Navy Strength Gins and it is currently the home of some of the finest distilleries in all of the UK, if not the world. There are many family-run distilleries in Scotland producing high-quality Gin and one company that is leading the way is NB Distillery. Steve and Viv Muir started small in the Gin business as they began their journey by experimenting with distilling in their home using Viv’s mum's pressure cooker and some old copper central heating pipes. Forward a few years, they have a globally recognised brand that is pioneering spirit making. They have perfected their own Navy Strength Gin recipe and use custom-built distilleries made to their exact specifications by the world’s oldest and most revered still makers. Their Navy Strength Gin won a gold medal in The Global Gin Masters awards. Read more about NB Distillery success story.

NB Distillery collection

NB Distillery is not just known for their Navy Strength Gin, they have a range of different Gin’s that cater for every taste palette on the market. In their portfolio, they have a very popular Classic 42% ABV London Dry Gin which has been recognised as the best London Dry Gin in the world. It was even selected for the Queen’s 90th birthday celebration and is featured in the celebratory book that was produced. They also stock a very limited edition Sapphire Gin that is elegant and complex in flavour. It’s a tasty blend of green tea, ginger and vibrant citrus flavours; it makes the perfect gift for any Gin lover. Find out more about NB Distillery’s range of Gins and other spirits.