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NB London Dry Gin (70CL)

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Our original NB Gin is a pure, clear, uncompromised grain spirit, the result of an exacting process that has been perfected and bottled to become recognised as the Best London Dry Gin in the world, at the world drinks awards in 2015. And now that it is the best, it will stay this way. We continue to use only the finest of 8 botanicals and remain true to our perfected London Dry process.  That way, NB Gin will always be 'perfect'. 

NB Gin was selected by the Royal Family to represent two monumental occasions; Her Majesty's 90th birthday and Prince Harry and Meghan's wedding. It has also been listed in Rolls Royce "Top 100 Luxury Brands", selected for The Open Afterparty in 2018 and served at The Brits Sony Afterparty for three consecutive years.  These are just some of our amazing success stories! 

70CL. Proven at 42% ABV.



The Botanicals:  Juniper, coriander seed, angelica root, grains of paradise, lemon peel, cassia bark, cardamom and orris root. 

The Nose:  An exquisite nose revealing an initial hit of Juniper with a touch of earthiness. Subtle citrus notes follow with a fabulous freshness. 

The Palate:  Clean, fresh and with a wonderfully smooth texture.  This expertly balanced gin tastes very much like it noses: juniper-led, dry and with citrus hints.  The botanicals are revealed with remarkable clarity. Juniper invites you in, followed by a burst of clean citrus, then warm earthy notes and a dash of white pepper, before the final flourish of juniper. 

The Finish:  A long finish with all of the botanicals present for one final encore.

Try It:  As you would enjoy the perfect G&T. We like ours with tonic, a slice of pink grapefruit, a basil leaf and ice, and of course, lots of friends!  Great for sipping, try it neat or over ice or use as the 'perfect' partner in any cocktail.