NB Spiced Rum

NB Spiced Rum (70CL)

NB Distillery
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Recently awarded Brozne in the World Rum Awards! NB Spiced Rum is based on our full-bodied golden rum, spiced with cloves, orange, cinnamon and pepper. The result is a delightful and sophisticated spiced rum with a beautiful balance of spices.

On the nose, the smokiness of the molasses blends with mild cloves, velvety orange and the earthiness of the cinnamon. A very subtle hint of vanilla follows.

On tasting, the superb balance of spice is revealed. The smokey molasses quickly gives way to creamy orange, subtle cloves and the warmth of cinnamon and pepper .

This is definitely a ‘ Spiced Rum for grown-ups ‘, as one visitor commented.

Reminiscent of a fine Brandy / Cognac, it is well complimented served simply with ice, or with pressed apple juice or ginger beer.