NB Citrus Vodka
Worlds first London Dry Citrus Vodka
NB Vodka on North Berwick rocks
NB Citrus Vodka (70CL)
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NB Citrus Vodka (70CL)

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NB London Dry Citrus Vodka is unexpectedly dry and smooth. There’s no harshness, sharpness or sweetness. This is no ordinary, flavoured vodka. This is the world’s first London Dry Citrus Vodka, perfected by NB – distillers of the world’s best London Dry gin.

Where others add a concentrated flavour at the end, our exacting and meticulous London Dry process distils the botanicals naturally to create pure, elegant and subtle citrus tones. No additives. No sweeteners. Just dry, smooth perfection.

Perfect straight over ice, or for your Blood Mary or use as an alternative to rum for a tasty mojito!

70CL. Proven at 40% ABV. 


The Botanicals:  Lemon, coriander seed and cassia bark.

The Nose:  Clean and fresh with subtle citrus notes. 

The Palate:  On tasting there is a real hit of citrus, starting with lemon and then moving to lime and finally orange notes.  The vodka is surprisingly smooth and the flavour is perfectly balanced and dry. 

The Finish:  A wonderfully long flavoursome citrus aftertaste that takes vodka to new heights. 

Try It:  Neat or over ice. Use for a classic, dry and smooth citrusy vodka and tonic, Bloody Mary or lift cocktails to new heights.