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NB Navy Strength Gin
NB Navy Gin and Gin Masters Gold Award and Bass Rock
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NB Navy Strength Gin (70CL)

NB Distillery
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Our NB Navy Strength Gin is a pure, clear, uncompromised grain spirit.  It is exactly the same as our original NB Gin, only Navy Strength.  Handle with care please, it is explosive at 57% proof! A gin with a strength of character and intensity of flavour. 

It is the result of the same exacting process that’s been perfected and bottled to create our original NB Gin, proven to be the best London Dry Gin in the world.  

Our NB Navy Strength Gin is also a multi-award winner. It was awarded “GOLD” in the Global Gin Masters, “GOLD” at The Scottish Gin Awards and selected by the Craft Gin Club as their "Gin of the Month". 

70CL. Proven at 57% ABV. 


The Botanicals:  Juniper, coriander seed, angelica root, grains of paradise, lemon peel, cassia bark, cardamom and orris root. 

The Nose:  the additional strength of this gin is instantly apparent, but is well-tempered with a big burst of Juniper.  The strength is balanced perfectly by the concentration of botanicals.  The first hit of Juniper quickly gives way to citrus, which is well supported by the earthier notes of cardamom and coriander.  All these wonderful notes are easily accessible. 

The Palate:  Mouth-filling, clean and fresh with a wonderful texture.  Juniper provides the first punch of flavour but remarkably quickly there follows a burst of fresh citrus followed soon after by the warmer, earthier notes of coriander and cardamom.  A quick sprinkling of white pepper before the Juniper returns.  A remarkable explosion of tastes that mirrors its superb nose. 

The Finish:  A long and flavoursome finish with the botanicals in harmony for a final encore, and a dash of white pepper, before the final flourish of Juniper. 

Try It:  many admirers enjoy sipping this gin, neat or over ice.  For most, it makes the ultimate G&T or Gin Martini.