Why You Find The Best Gin Tours In Scotland At NB Distillery

Scotland is home to some of the world’s finest gin distilleries that Britain has to offer. We take our distilling seriously in Alba and only use the finest ingredients to develop some of the highest quality gins throughout the British Isles. At NB Distillery, we are reviving the age-old tradition of gin distilling. The public wants to drink gin that is made by people who are passionate about their work, and can trace the origin of the spirit right back to the stills that they were made in. 

As a part of this trend to source products to their place of origin, has seen the rise of the distillery tour. You are spoilt for choice in Scotland, as some of the oldest distilling houses throughout the country have opened their doors to give you a glimpse into the distilling process. We are fairly new to the Scottish gin distillery scene but are making huge strides in offering you the finest selection of gins on the market. To give you a taste of how we make our award-winning gin, we offer our successful NB Distillery GINSPIRATION TOUR.

Why You Find The Best Gin Tour In Scotland At NB Distillery 

It’s all down to the quality of our gin. We offer a range of gins that have been expertly crafted to showcase some of the finest ingredients that are on offer in Scotland. Quality is our number one priority and NB Distillery ensures that our gins reach 42 percent ABV or 57% ABV for our Navy strength, so we only offer spirits that are of the highest quality. A testament to our commitment to quality is that our NB London dry gin was selected in celebration of the Queen's 90th Birthday and featured in Prince Harry and Meghan’s Wedding Album.

The quality we add to our spirits goes into our gin tour Scotland as well. We give you the opportunity to taste our finest gins, vodka and rums throughout your stay and take you on a leisurely tour of our luxury facilities with our  experts, who will go through the steep history of gin distilling in Scotland. We like to give you plenty of tasters along the way. All  drinks that you will try will be available to purchase at your table.  

What To Expect On Your NB Distillery Gin Tasting Tour In Scotland

We like getting visitors excited for their tour, so here is a breakdown of what to expect from your upcoming gin distillery tour:

  • Tour times run weekly from 5pm – 6:30 pm approximately
  • We offer a 1-30 minute taster tour for every party
  • Pre-booked tickets only
  • You will get the chance to try some of the world's best gin
  • You also will get the chance to try our unique rum and vodka
  • On arrival, we’ll provide a welcome drink, a tour, a flight of 5 tasters, a final drink and the opportunity to buy

We hope to see you soon at NB Distillery. Order your ticket today.