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Which Is The Best Distillery To Visit In Scotland?


With lockdown restrictions easing and businesses beginning to reopen, it’s time for you and your friends to plan a tour of a Scottish distillery. If this is something that tickles your fancy, you’ve come to the right place. Scotland is home to some of the best distilleries in the world and you are spoilt for choice in Alba. Many of the best distilleries across Scotland provide expertly guided tours led by some of the finest spirit makers there is to offer. Booking a tour around a distillery will allow you and your friends to have a look around Scotland’s traditional but technologically advanced distilleries. You will also get the chance to taste award-winning spirits and many distilleries even offer accommodation as a part of the tour package. We highly recommend you book a trip today.


The Best Gin Distillery in Scotland?


NB Distillery, North Berwick:


If you are looking for an artisan gin distillery that is emerging as one of the finest distilleries in Scotland, you should take a tour of NB Distillery. One of the newer distilleries in Scotland, visit Scotlands 5 Star Award winning NB Distillery is making strides in the gin, vodka and rum business. Starting from humble beginnings in a home kitchen, they have progressed to owning their purpose-built, eco-friendly distillery and visitor centre that is based on the outskirts of town. The tour consists of a detailed look around NB distillery where their expert distiller and tour guides will share many stories, about the history and triumphs of perfecting their world-famous NB London Dry Gin, Vodka and Rum. You will also get the chance to taste the famous NB Family of spirits for yourself. Gloria, their, copper still produces their award-winning gins including NB Classic London Dry Gin, NB Navy Strength Gin and NB limited edition Samphire along with their London dry Vodka ( first in the world when it was first produced) and a wonderful addition came along in 2018 3 Rums made in their bespoke Double Retort Rum Still. 


If you wish to contact NB Distillery to arrange a tour, don't hesitate and contact them today.


If you want to extend your tour to visit a whiskey distillery or brewery, you are spoilt for choice in Scotland. Scotland has a plethora of whiskey distilleries and breweries that are steeped in local tradition. Scotland also has a new generation of producers that are disrupting the market with their unique blends and high-quality spirits and beers.  


One of the Best Whisky Distilleries in Scotland 


Glenkinchie Distillery, East Lothian:


Established in 1825, Glenkinchie Distillery in Tranent has been distilling the famous Johnnie Walker Edinburgh malt whisky which is enjoyed all around the world. The vision of the distillery is to maintain the traditional craftsmanship that produces its unique lowland whisky flavour (fragrant flowers, dried cut grass and nutty cereal). Located in the legendary Glenkinchie region, Glenkinchie distillery offers a variety of tour packages that will give you a taste of the Johnnie Walker flavour. From their ‘Glenkinchie Flavour Journey’ to whisky food pairing, there is a range of things to experience at the distillery. Also, Glenkinchie Distillery is passionate about sustainability and you can take a look for yourself at their efforts with a ‘Whisky in the Wild’ tour. 


Fancy a Tour of a Scottish Brewery?


Belhaven Brewery, East Lothian:


Once you’ve finished with Glenkinchie Distillery, you can take a visit to Belhaven Brewery in Dunbar. The oldest brewery in Scotland and possibly the UK, the Dunbar region have been brewing ale since the time of the Benedictine Monks, nearly 800 years ago. A lot of changes have happened since the first pint was brewed in 1719, but Belhaven has always focused on the quality of its ale. They offer a tour that reflects the pride and history of the Dunbar brewhouse. This will give you a chance to taste the famous Belhaven Brewery ales produced in the region which also includes beers, IPAs, stouts, pilsners and lagers.