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What Does It Mean If A Gin Is Called London Dry Gin?

Do you want a stylish drink that ticks all flavour boxes? Why not try London Dry Gin. London Dry Gin has seen a rise in popularity in recent years and with the event of COVID-19, the sales of London Dry Gin has skyrocketed as people are enjoying the spirit at home while the pubs are closed. London Dry Gin is associated with the glitz and glam of London, but the spirit is being produced by a plethora of artisan distilleries around the United Kingdom and we recommend you try NB Distillery’s London Dry Gin.

What is London Dry Gin?

To make it clear to the first time London Dry Gin drinker, London Dry Gin doesn’t have to be distilled in London. It has been known for the spirit to be brewed all around the world with many varieties being produced in places like South Africa. The reason it has been named after the capital is because of EU regulation. That said, the standard of the Gin is usually compared to the London Dry Gin makers in London because the historic streets of the capital is where the oldest and finest Gins have been produced. NB Distillery’s London Dry Gin is a bit of a celebrity in the Gin industry and has London’s seal of approval because it was voted the Best London Dry Gin in the world. It’s fame has extended to the Royal family as the London Dry Gin was represented on two separate occasions; her majesty's 90th birthday and more recently, Prince Harry and Meghan's wedding.

Why is Gin called London Dry?

London Dry Gin name is not determined by the location but by its proof. The spirit is known for its 70% ABV and it can only be watered down to a minimum strength of 37.5% ABV. London Dry Gin is known for its quality and for a Gin to be described as ‘London Dry’, it must not contain any artificial ingredients, only a small amount of sweetener and cannot have any flavour added after distillation. However, this doesn’t hinder the taste as London Dry Gin can still be infused with the traditional flavours including juniper, citrus and botanicals. NB Distillery’s London Dry Gin contains earthy notes- exactly what a Scottish Gin should taste like. This is a flagship product for the UK and people keep returning to the spirit because it offers a high-quality taste experience without compromising on taste. 

How to drink London Dry Gin?

For the puritan Gin Lover, the only way to drink your London Dry Gin is neat. There are many advantages of drinking high-quality London Dry Gin neat as you will be able to taste the subtle juniper, citrus and juniper notes that the spirit offers. It will also allow you to appreciate the attention to detail the distiller has taken to achieve the taste that you are experiencing. It usually takes years of refinement to achieve the flavour of London Dry Gin. Another way to drink your Gin is to play with the temperature of the spirit. Freezing London Dry Gin will change the texture of the spirit and when it warms it will release its taste profile.   

What to mix with London Dry Gin?

If you do decide to mix your London Dry Gin, you can mix your Gin with Tonic Water or Coke. If you want a more fruity taste, a popular mixer is San Pellegrino. London Dry Gin is popular with cocktail drinkers as it blends well with a variety of mixers. Blending London Dry Gin with Martini is very popular at the moment. 

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