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Low Alcohol Gin-Based Spirit Perfect For Drinking On A School Night

A bit like us, you might like to treat yourself mid-week to help motivate you until the weekend. A lot of people relax during the week by getting a takeaway or going to the cinema. However, you might decide to treat yourself to a gin and tonic. But you might have children or you are watching your alcohol in-take, so drinking a few gins might not be such a good idea! Especially, if you have to do the school run the next day! 

To allow you to enjoy an alcoholic drink on a school night, we’ve come up with the perfect solution with our School Night (21% ABV) low alcohol gin based-spirit. This new low alcohol based spirit will allow you to enjoy your favourite alcoholic beverage without risking drinking to much. We believe that you should be able to enjoy your favourite drinks in moderation. For those who are environmentally conscious, our low alcohol spirit uses a fully recyclable and unique cardboard frugal bottle which is a sustainable alternative to a traditional glass bottle.  The packaging is made from 94% recyclable paperboard, the perfect addition to our sustainable distillery. 

Why Choose A Low Alcohol Gin Alternative?

You may be thinking, surely a low alcohol gin doesn’t taste as good? This is far from the truth as our School Night is every bit as delicious as our award-winning World’s Best London Dry Gin, but with 50% less alcohol! This means that you can enjoy a low alcohol version of your favourite drink. A low alcohol gin alternative is great for those who don't drink much or for people who want to enjoy our signature taste in moderation. It enables you to enjoy your favourite drinks without experiencing the side effects of drinking too much as well. It’s also favoured by those who like to settle down to a refreshing gin and tonic in the sunshine on a Tuesday evening. 

Drinking Low Alcohol Gin On A School Night With NB Distillery

If you are parents, you know how stressful it can be doing the school run or getting your little ones to bed. It’s even worse if you have had little sleep. You might like to relieve stress by pouring yourself an low alcohol based gin. Our School Night (21% ABV ) is the perfect mixer for your favourite cocktails. In addition, when you buy a bottle of our School Night gin-based spirit, you are buying a drink that uses 94% recycled paperboard. We offer you a low alcohol and sustainable way of having a mid-week drink.

However, at NB Distillery we would like you to stick to these school rules if you are enjoying our low alcohol gin:

  • You must not run down the corridor to pour a School Night 
  • You must at all times have a School Night in your favourite glass
  • You must not loiter around the School Night bottle whilst drinking
  • You must always be kind and considerate and share School Night with others

    Treating Yourself To A Mid-Week Tipple

    It’s important to keep your spirits up during the week as we know how boring mid-week routines can be. Break up the monotony by pouring yourself a gin and tonic. We've created our expertly crafted school night low alcohol gin-based spirit, so you can enjoy your favourite drink without the worry of missing your alarm.