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Welcome to NB Distillery.

London Dry. Perfected.

Anchored in North Berwick, on the east coast of Scotland, NB Distillery is home to our family of spirited distillers. We all share one obsession here: creating perfection. It’s instilled within each and every one of us.

From modest beginnings, experimenting at home with a ginnery in our kitchen, we’ve steadily built our business by following and perfecting the exacting and meticulous London Dry distilling process.

In 2015, our Original NB Gin was voted the Best London Dry Gin in the world. We achieved our ambition of creating perfection and we now produce 3 world-class spirits that are created using the same perfected process. When we put our NB name on a bottle, our promise to you is that what’s inside will be every bit as ‘perfect’ as our Original. Whatever the product.

How To Find Us
NB Distillery is located near Tantallon Castle. After Tantallon Castle you will see a sign to the right saying Halflandbarns. Turn into this road and take a left turn passed North Berwick Garage and Jebra Caravans. The distillery is located at the bottom of this road. A wood clad building.

NB Gin Bottles

Our story.

The creation of perfection.

We must admit gin has always been something of an obsession for us. When we started, our ambition was to create the ‘perfect’ gin. The London Dry process is recognised as being the most exacting and meticulous way to create great gin in small batches. So naturally, we followed this process.

We started off experimenting in our home kitchen with a pressure cooker and some old central heating pipes - hardly glamorous, but our makeshift ‘still’ was a great way to test hundreds of different botanicals with water to see which worked together the best. When we were confident of a possible recipe, we were granted a license and progressed to a glass, desktop lab still. Our kitchen became an official ginnery.

We distilled, refined and distilled again – over hundreds of batches and thousands of hours – before finally we created the gin we believed was ‘perfect’. A gin that was worthy of putting our name to. Our own Original.

Having perfected our recipe, we invested in a custom-built still made to our exact specifications by the world’s oldest and most revered still-makers. A still that would be able to precisely replicate our tried and tested recipe. It was time to move out of our kitchen and into our new distillery.

Within two years, our gin had won admirers from near and far and in 2015 was voted the Best London Dry Gin in the world. We achieved what we originally set out do: to create perfection that’s recognised globally.

We’ll always remain a small company, only ever using the London Dry process, believing in our people and their skills, and working as hard as ever. And when we put our NB name on a bottle, we promise that inside will be every bit as ‘perfect’ as our Original. Whatever the product.

Our Process

Our process.

Our way.

We follow the exacting and meticulous London Dry Gin process. This means that all of the flavours of our gins and vodka only come from the essential oils released from the botanicals through the distillation process. No flavour can be added by any other means. The quality of botanicals we use ensures perfect consistency between our small batches. We don’t scrimp on second best and we’ve searched high and low to find the perfect 8 botanicals for our gins and vodka:

Coriander seed
Angelica root
Grains of paradise
Cassia bark
Ground cardamom
Lemon peel
Orris root powder

Cassia bark
Lemon peel
Orris root powder

Following extensive research and experimentation, a process was finally perfected, which dictates:
  • The temperature of the still to within one degree at any one time throughout the whole process;
  • The total run time, literally timed to the second;
  • The cuts (both tail and head) to the second and millilitre;
  • The botanicals, weighed to the gram; and
  • The amount of water and spirit used, measured to the gram.
The distillate that comes from the still is over 83% ABV. We let it sit for a minimum period, before blending it down to bottling condition by adding filtered water and some neutral grain spirit. Each blending drum holds the equivalent of 275 bottles of our original gin.

Although immensely difficult to control, we believe that only the London Dry process allows us to create the subtle variations of flavour and our smooth and distinctive long taste. By believing in our people, skills and our process, and good old-fashioned hard work, we’ve created perfection that’s recognised globally. It’s the way we set out to do it and the way we always will. It’s our way.

Our people.

Meet the team who make perfection.

Vivienne Muir, CEO
Steve and VivienneA former lawyer and Executive Director, Viv leads the company, devises strategy and sets all marketing and business development plans. She loves nothing more than meeting new people who share her love of gin and vodka and listening to their feedback about our products. It helps to keep her ‘anchored’.

Steve Muir, Chairman and Master Stiller
Steve is our Master Stiller and ‘Senior Perfectionist’. He designed and created our family of world class products, so he’s naturally very protective of them and ensures that each and every bottle we produce is perfect and lives up to the NB name.

Steve Ross, Head of Production
Steve is responsible for the day-to day-running of the distillery. He’s a great planner and a stickler for detail. He’s our ‘go-to’ guy for all things bottling, packaging and logistics-related. Steve also deals with our suppliers and plans our production schedules. The best thing about his job? “It’s more of a pleasure than a job.”

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How to contact NB Distillery.

We’re always up for meeting new people from all walks of life. If you’d like to get in touch, then here’s how.
Telephone: 01620 894 744
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NB Gin
NB Distillery Limited
North Berwick
East Lothian
EH39 5PW
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