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School Night + NB London Dry Gin Bundle

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We have created the ultimate spirit bundle, offering you a tipple for each day of the week!

School Night (21% ABV)

With 50% less alcohol than our London Dry Gin, School Night is our low alcohol based spirit at just 21% ABV. It makes the perfect drink for work evenings, so you don't have to say 'no', you can go 'low'.

It is also housed in a Frugal Bottle, with the packaging made from 94% recycled paperboard, which makes it a feel-good addition to our sustainable distillery, and your drinks cupboard.

NB London Dry Gin (42% ABV)

Combine this with our NB London Dry Gin, a pure, clear grain spirit of 42% ABV, and you have a Gin for every evening. 

Our London Dry Gin was also voted the Best London Dry Gin in the world, and selected by the Royal family to celebrate her majesty's 90th birthday and Prince Harry and Meghan's wedding.

How to drink your royal NB Spirit Bundle:

  • Monday: School Night
  • Tuesday: School Night
  • Wednesday: School Night
  • Thursday: School Night
  • Friday: London Dry Gin
  • Saturday: London Dry Gin
  • Sunday: School Night