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School Night + NB Navy Strength Gin Bundle

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We have created the ultimate spirit bundle, offering you a tipple for each day of the week!

School Night (21% ABV)

With 50% less alcohol than our London Dry Gin, School Night is our low alcohol based spirit at just 21% ABV. It makes the perfect drink for work evenings, so you don't have to say 'no', you can go 'low'.

It is also housed in a Frugal Bottle, with the packaging made from 94% recycled paperboard, which makes it a feel-good addition to our sustainable distillery, and your drinks cupboard.

NB Navy Strength Gin (57% ABV)

Combine this with our NB Navy Strength Gin, a gin with strength of character and intensity of flavour, and you have a Gin for every evening. 

Our Navy Strength Gin is also a multi-award winner, winning "GOLD" at The Scottish Gin Awards. Serve both School Night and our NB Navy Strength Gin with a handful of ice and tonic.

How to drink your NB Spirit Bundle:

  • Monday: School Night
  • Tuesday: School Night
  • Wednesday: School Night
  • Thursday: School Night
  • Friday: NB Navy Strength Gin
  • Saturday: NB Navy Strength Gin
  • Sunday: School Night