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NB Navy Strength Gin


At 57%.

NB Navy Strength Gin is a pure, clear, uncompromised grain sprit of 57% ABV. The result of the same exacting process that’s been perfected and bottled to create our Original Gin, proven to be the best London Dry Gin in the world.

The traditional term ‘Navy Strength’ refers to the high ABV of our gin. It’s the proof at which gunpowder would still ignite, should gin be spilt on it, and was the established way British Navy officers would test the strength of their gin supplies, ensuring that they were not diluted by unscrupulous suppliers, or indeed by fellow sailors. 57% is the proven ABV of NB Navy Strength – a gin with strength of character and intensity of flavour.
NB Navy Strength Gin

NB Navy Strength Gin.

Proven pedigree.

Gin has always been something of an obsession for Steve and Viv Muir. When they started, their ambition was to create the ‘perfect’ gin. The London Dry process is recognised as being the most exacting and meticulous way to create great gin in small batches. So naturally, they followed this process.

They began by experimenting in their home kitchen with a pressure cooker and some old central heating pipes - hardly glamorous, but their makeshift ‘still’ was a great way to test hundreds of different botanicals with water to see which worked together the best.

When they were confident of a possible recipe, they were granted a license and progressed to a glass, desktop lab still. Their kitchen became an official ginnery. They distilled, refined and distilled again – over hundreds of batches and thousands of hours – before finally they created the gin they believed was ‘perfect’. A gin that was worthy of putting their name to. Their own Original NB Gin.

Having perfected their recipe, they invested in a custom-built still made to their exact specifications by the world’s oldest and most revered still-makers. A still that would be able to precisely replicate their tried and tested recipe. It was time to move out of their kitchen and into their new distillery.

Within two years, their gin won admirers from near and far and in 2015 was voted the Best London Dry Gin in the world. They achieved what they originally set out do: to create perfection that’s recognised globally.

Now they’ve created a Navy Strength Gin using the exact recipe and process as their Original. The only difference is it’s stronger. At 57 percent ABV, its additional strength is balanced perfectly by the concentration of botanicals. It’s a gin that’s full of character, intensity of flavour and proven pedigree.

NB will always remain a small company, only ever using the London Dry process, believing in its people and their skills, and working as hard as ever. And when Steve and Viv put the NB name on a bottle, they promise that inside will be every bit as ‘perfect’ as their Original Gin. Whatever the product.

  • glass containing nb navy gin glass containing nb navy gin

    Try it.

    The proof is in the tasting.

    The only way to truly experience NB Navy Strength is to try it. Just one sip and you’ll instantly appreciate its genuine strength and depth of character. The proof is in the tasting.


    Explosive stuff.

    NB Navy Strength has true depth of character. Its strong ABV is balanced perfectly by its concentration of botanicals. This is especially evident when sipped neat, with a dash of water, or over ice.


    Neat, or with a dash of water, NB Navy Strength Gin’s full character can be truly savoured and appreciated without being masked by any other flavours. Its additional strength is instantly apparent, but is well tempered with a big burst of Juniper. The strength is balanced perfectly by the concentration of botanicals.

    Over ice.

    Over slightly melted ice, it’s botanical notes are opened-up and come to the fore. The first hit of Juniper quickly gives way to citrus, which is well supported by the earthier notes of cardamom and coriander. All these wonderful notes are easily accessible.
  • cocktail containing nb navy gin cocktail containing nb navy gin


    At ease.

    NB Navy Strength Gin’s higher ABV – at 57 percent - is perfectly at ease with classic mixers. Try it in a G&T or Martini and experience it’s proven perfection.

    NB G&T.

    Blended with the best, light tonic and a cube of ice, NB Navy Strength Gin makes an invigorating G&T. Try it without garnish, or with a twist of orange or grapefruit.

    NB Navy Martini.

    Mixed with the best vermouth, Cointreau and finished with a twist of orange, NB Navy Strength Gin makes a crisp, dry Martini enlivened with a burst of botanicals.

    50ml NB Navy Strength Gin
    10ml Noily Pratt/Dry Vermouth
    10ml Cointreau

    Stir down and serve in a chilled cocktail glass, garnished with an olive.


How to contact NB Distillery.

We’re always up for meeting new people from all walks of life. If you’d like to get in touch, then here’s how.
Telephone: 01620 894 744
Registered office:
NB Distillery Limited
North Berwick
East Lothian
EH39 5PW
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